So having spent the last 48 hours pouring my heart into a 10 page
essay on what it's like to be a Yogaholic, you'd think I'd have heaps
to say here, but I don't...

What I do have to say is Happy Birthday Mum!!!
My eternal love and thanks for:
1. Opening up your purse with that understanding smile everytime
I give you that pleading look and say "it's for George..."
2. Omega and AOL, without which my life would be boring.
3. Tolerating my stereo being on until 3am by learning to appreciate
the artists I listen to.
4. Telling anyone who will listen what a gifted writer George is.
5. Not getting mad when you came home early and found my 21st
BDay party still in full swing and a drag queen raiding your closet.

Read the last post to hear the latest from Elliot at AEgean, it's an

*************************** writes:
My thoughts and prayers are with George and the entire Panayiotou
family during this incredibly sad time. You could just tell how much
George loved his mother and how much Lesley loved him. It's so
terribly sad that George had to lose her.

Shannon Pezzetti
*************************** (Haliska, Julie) writes:
Hi everyone,

I read today about the collection for the British Cancer Society (or
whatever they call it). I think this is a great idea and you can count
on me. I hope to be able to afford a generous donation.

I think you're going to be collecting a lot of money for this project.
I'm not the one to tell you what to do, Amanda, but you might consider
opening up a bank account for this purpose alone and just let everyone
send you cheques for deposit into that account. You could also accept
wire-transfers from Canadians & Americans quite easily, too. This way
the bank could do all the work for international currencies, and then
all you would have to do is make a single withdrawal to make a money
order filled out to the Cancer society.

(I'll think about, it thanks. AG)

If you need any help in that respect, please don't hesitate to contact
me since I live fairly close to you. I hope my suggestions are helpful.

I challenge everyone to send at least $5 to Amanda for this great
endeavour. In this way, we can collect around $3,000. This would
really show George that we care and make our presence known to him.
I'm guessing that the donation would be in the name of "YOGMAEL".
Would you also list the names of people who donated?

(Of course. AG)

Now, I'd like to send a message to all the Spanish-speaking members.

Ola, chicos. De recien, escribi en Yogmael que queria tener e-pales
quienes hablan castellano. Gracias a Marti por su atencion. Estoy muy
contenta tener su amidad. Yo estudie espanol en la universidad, pero,
ya no hablo perfectamente. Quiero hablar mejor, y me gustaria hablar
contigo. Vistes, los relativos (de mi esposo) de Argentina vienen
pronto, y tengo que practicar! Queres ayudarme practicar? Si no sos
argentino, se interesara el dialecto argentino. No, no hice errores.
'sos' y 'queres' son palabras argentinas! Bueno, eso es todo.

Thanks Amanda for including that part. I'll translate, just in case
anyone is interested.

Hi guys. Recently, I wrote in Yogmael that I wanted to have e-pals who
speak Spanish. Thank-you to Marti for his attention. I'm very glad to
have his friendship. I studied Spanish in university, but I don't
speak perfectly. I want to speak better and I'd like to speak with you.
You see, Argentinian relatives (of my husband) are coming soon to
visit, and I have to practice! Do you want to help me practice? If
you're not Argentinian, you'll find the dialect interesting. I didn't
make spelling mistakes. 'so up the tickets from a NY

City music store that had been giving them out for free. He was able to
pass off the tickets as we left for the bus depot. We traveled for 8
hrs and arrived two hours before the start of the filming. The filming
took place at Madison Square Gardens. The video directors had us move
from section to section, and had us screaming and doing the "fan"
thing. The production team gave out "expired" film and flashes to use
for the background. We were informed that the film and slides would be
no good, but we later found out that was not the case. My sister and I
got some great pictures. At one point, we found ourselves 4 rows away
from George. That was the closest we had ever been to him. George
had to do alot of posing and had to lift up the Diet Coke can many times.
(I'm sure he was turned off of that for a while.) George did get to
talk to us a few times,but was usually taken back stage for make-up and
whatever else he had to do. His sister had been there as well. During
an intermission, Deon Estus and a few of the musicians started to play
frisbee and joke around. If I remember correctly, George sang three
songs. Two of them we all knew, the other was a song that we never
heard. To this day, I can not tell you what he sang. It sort of was
like "Fast Love." The experience was real great since we were able to
George for many hours. The crew were real great. They provided two
meals for all who participated. These were prepared by delis, McDonald's
and other fast food places. At some point, I'll try to scan some of the
pictures from that memorable time.

(Very impressive. AG)
*************************** (Romano) writes:
Okay, perhaps this topic is a little trivial but I can't help
myself from saying this... George is sparking a joint in between the
songs "Spinning the Wheel" and "It Doesn't Really Matter"... when it
starts to burn, you can hear the buds crackling away. He inhales for
quite a lengthy time... if that is a cigarette, then George has a
serious problem with cigarettes. As many of you have noticed in the
"Older" album, it is pretty slow and not something that is easy to
listen to when you first hear the album in its entire format.. a lot of
people I've talked to said pretty much the same thing along these
lines... "when I first heard it, I didn't like it, but when I heard it a
little more, I really liked it."

(You think this is trivial? You missed two other opinion polls, one about
hair and the other about his ass... I am inclined to agree that no cigarette
I have ever smoked sounded like that. I think we decreed it a spliff a
couple weeks ago. AG)

I listened to this album stoned with my headphones and I was
convinced that George was pretty much under the influence of weed
(I'm not holding it against him). If you listen to the instrumental on "It
Doesn't Really Matter" (kinda sounds like something a stoner would
say! *L*), its pretty simple yet trippy. "The Strangest Thing" sounded
kinda warped too... while I was stoned and listening to that track, I
noticed the beat and bass go slightly off tempo instead of a consistent

(I have challenged a recreational user friend of mine to see if it sounds
any better stoned, because clean and sober, that album does very little
for me with the exception of maybe 3 tracks. AG)

On another note that is somewhat related to what I'm talking
about, I was listening to a radio station in Montreal that was
interviewing two DJ's from a British record label (Ninja Tune) that
opened an office in Montreal and they mentioned that they were pretty
pissed off with George for ripping off quite a LARGE sample from a Ninja
Tune product for one of his songs and not getting any cash flow from

Now Ninja Tune is pretty much a t filled out about

250-300 a piece. Needless to say when the day came that they drew
the names of the 30 people they were busing to NYC we DEFINATELY
were two of the happiest winners... we each got a Concert T-shirt, and
a free CD of well as great seat at the garden...not close
enough to touch but close enough to see his face...We all did the
"monkey" wave dance thing he did on the way home. it was soooo cool...
well thats all for now keep me posted on any dates for Us tour this yr.

(My I'm crazy for George story: One word -- YOGMAEL!! AG)

*************************** (Zest) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Right now, I am trying to buy the Older EP. No luck so far. But I will try
everyday till I get it.I have all the albums of GM along with most of the
singles (what all I could find). It is pretty difficult to buy singles in
part of the world. I always buy both the tape and CD of the same album
and single.

Any idea whether they pan to release the UNPLUGGED album on video
or CD ? I wish they would. Pretty sure it would do very well.

(As do I, but there are no plans for it legally. AG)

Take care and will be in touch ,
*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
Hello all,

I have recently been doing a lot of GM IRC and I was thinking that
weshould really get a Yogothon (hmm...) going one of these
nights! I know that the AOL'rs won't be able to make it though
=~( sorry.

Everyone else can turn your Internet Relay Chat clients to: (that's right IGC not IRC) and go to channel
#GeorgeMichael. Let's get *AT LEAST* 100 people in there one
of these nights (say a Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard
Time) and we can really party. What do you guys think? Come on,
try it!


M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** (Rich) writes:
Hello all,
Does anyone know of a way to get a copy of the "Killer/Papa was
a rollin' stone - (Serial killa mix)". I heard it in a club in Seattle and
from what I could find out, it was a Dj cut only. Iwas wondering if
someone could copy it or make me a copy for a fee, of course. I'm
just dying to hear it again.....


One last thing. Is the trip open to all. I would really like to do the
Karaoke thing. Sounds like a blast:+)......

(Yes, open to all, but plying me with alcohol in encouraged... AG)

"Thank you very much, good night, take care........"
*************************** (Sigmundur Traustason) writes:
Hi all.

I just received my first Yogmael and like David there from the US,
I'm new here. I liked his idea of new ones telling a little bit about them
self's so here goes nothing:
My name is Sigmundur Traustason and I'm a 25 year old system analyst
and I live in Reykjavík, Iceland. I've liked George Michael for quite a
long time now, but I hadn't called myself a devoted fan, until about two
years ago. Then something happened that made me listen to him more
closely and there was no turning back. Since then he's been a big part
of my life. Like all of you, I guess, I waited a long time for the Older
album and I tell you, it was worth it. I really liked the message from
George on the back of the booklet which said: "Thank you for waiting",
I'm sure you all did. This past year since Older came out I've tried to
watch on MTV all the appearances he's made. I thought he was the
best on MTV's European Music Award with his fabulous "Star People"
song/act, I loved th and you're welcome. AG)

From AEgean Records:
Dear Amanda

To answer any questions that you YOGMÆLERS might have regarding
the fan club,.....the fan club is at present being built and will be
accessable only through the backstage area of the web site, it will be
worth the wait and will be run by Shirlie Holliman as you will probably
remember as being the other half of Pepsi and Shirlie, George's old
friends and backing singers, I thought I'd give you an exclusive on that
one as in a couple of months when we launch the fan club it will be
Shirlie who responds to your mail and not I, as I am actually the label
and product manager of Aegean. For those of you who don't have
access to the web, the fan club will obviously be handled some other
way but we don't know how just yet.

I hope this info was of some use to you all

take care

To Wrap it Up:

I hope you all appreciate this issue, this will be the 6th night in a row
I log under 6 hours of sleep...

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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