Hi, sorry for the delay in today's mael. I was up late getting some
essays done--a couple days in advance for a change--and was just plain
too beat when I hit print on the last one to go into AOL.

I still need some people to fill out some surveys for me on the internet
and democracy, I need to get this study complete in the next month.
So anyone who is interested in helping me out, who HAS NOT already
done so, please let me know as soon as you can.

*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:
Hi George and Family,
I want to send you all my deepest sympathy in your time of
grieving. There is nothing I can say or do to make you all feel
any better but my prayers are with you during this time. I pray
for all of you to be strong and pull through this sad time. She
is in a great place now where she is free of pain and sorrow. We
will all soon be joining her in that lovely place in the sky and
we must thank God that she did not suffer too long with this ter-
tible disease they call Cancer. Wish you all the best!!!!!!

Frank Reyes
*************************** (Rita Reid) writes:
George and his family have been in my thoughts very often. I think
about how they must be feeling the past few weeks. I am just
happy that they have each other for support. I send my best
wishes to them.

*************************** (Tahra) writes:
Dear George Michael and family,

I would just like to add my wishes of peace and healing for
your family after such a loss. May God bless you and keep you,
as I will in my prayers.

Tahra Workman
*************************** (GC) writes:
Hey Amanda and Yoggers!

The first thing ( the only one... ) is that i'm deeply sorry for George's
Mom's death, i know i can't imagine how sad he must be feeling now
because i still have my mom alive, but i'm trying as hard as i can to
understand and to be on his shoes..., life's not fair most of the times...
George has given us so much, he deserves so much prices... at
this time i can't help but think of how full of love he looked at the
Unplugged show when he beautifully said: ' Hi Mom! ', life's not fair...

My deepest feelings to George and everyone around him...


You Have Been Loved
*************************** (John Chelios) writes:
Hi Amanda!! I have never posted on the list, but i enjoy reading it a
great deal. Thanks and keep up the amazing work!!!
Well, I just wanted to inform you, that GM's Older album has once
again re-entered the top five UK albums!! I just heard it on BBC radio:)
I hope I'm the first to have told you this:) Thanks

(You are, so here is your first post with no wait in line or anything! AG)
*************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi, Amanda--
Just surfing the Web, and I came across a list of George Michael
websites. Under the heading George Michael- Aegean Records,
This is the official George Michael-Aegean Records website
and includes Real Audio and Real Video clips as well as public
and fanclub only pages

fanclub only p Yours
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:


I just received a catalogue of GM/Wham! releases from Record
Runner in New York. The list has probably around 100 entries. It
includes such rarities as "Love is in Need of Love Today",
"Monkey", "I Knew You Were Waiting", books and tour programs,
and many more. However, they are not cheap as their scarcity
dramatically increases their prices. For example LIINOLT is $17.98.

Their address:
Record Runner
5 Jones Street
New York City 10014

RE your summer job: $7.50 an hour? You must be kidding me!
Better prepare yourself to work hard for ÆGEAN pretty soon.

(You so heartlessly taunt me George, but in light of the following,
I forgive you. AG)

Here is a copy of the letter that guaranteed the response from ÆGEAN:


>I was just wondering whether anyone at ÆGEAN regularly follows
>YOGMÆL newsletter (to subscribe: I presume
>that you do, as it is relatively easy to find it on the internet using
>any popular search engine. YOGMÆL, at the moment, has over 500
>regular readers. I presume that because it is not an official
>"publication" you are probably not supposed to endorse it. But
>PLEASE write to Amanda ( to recognise her hard
>work; She dedicates so many hours of her valuable work to Yogmael.

>Hope to hear from you soon,


Well, as you can see it doesn't take a rocket scientist to write a
letter like that.

(No, just a good kiss ass...who's also a good friend. Thanks again
George. AG)

*************************** (Julie Haliska) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I haven't posted in a while and you're always saying that it's
important to post and not just read all the time.

Yogmael is such a great thing. Last time I posted about getting
more e-pals and now I'm very happy to say that I have even more
internet friends to talk to, and it's all thanks to you. As you know,
and as I've said before, it's often hard to find people in Ontario who
share the same passion for George that I (we) do.

Have you heard anything about a local gathering of GM fans? Keep
me informed.

(April 5th in London. AG)

I'd like to ask everyone here a question to reflect on. What is so
appealing about George that we come to love him and adore him
and yearn for his presence? I mean, after all, he's just a singer/
musician, right? Wrong! We all see something more. What is

My answer is this. He's sincere. He's very personable and
down-to-earth and always a person before a superstar. That's
what I think anyway.

Also, there are other factors, like his smooth voice which can cut
through you and bring you to shivers, and his lyrics which reach
out to us, but I think his sincerity is at the root of it all.

I have a new e-mail address.

Just to re-iterate, I'm looking for penpals who speak Spanish,
because my Spanish is quite good, but I like to practice.

keep the faith

Julie Haliska

(AKA jewel)

Julie Haliska
*************************** ( LEBOIS David) writes:
Paris - France - March 5th 97
TO: Amanda
SUBJECT: The Aegean answer
Dear Yogmaelers,

Just a little story, this should be welcomed during these sad
days...: As you may don't know yet, I'm doing my french military
service in Pa just
between you and me, I think he takes his name a bit too seriously...

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

"Star People" debuted at #38 on the Billboard Club Play Chart
(U.S.). I don't think I can wait until the 18th for the new single.
Let's hope it gets some radio play.

(A couple friends told me a remix got both some air play up here and
a few spins at a local gay bar in the last couple weeks--yes, you know
you live in a sad city when the best bar in town offers great music, a
great decor, pretty lads to admire, but none to hit on...NOT that that
has stopped a few of my female pals from trying... AG)

To Wrap it Up:

So Alicia, does it seem like it's been a year?

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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