Hello, sorry for the delay with today's mail, but I went to bed real early,
and couldn't find the energy to turn on the computer before I did.

There were something I really wanted to tell you yesterday, but after a 5
hour phone call with someone I hadn't talked to in four months, I was a bit
tired when it came time to write the intro at 2 am...

BUY THE NEW DETAILS MAGAZINE!! Yes, the Gwen Stefani article's
worth the cover price alone, but the real prize sits on page 44 under the
title "Freedom '97". I felt such pride as I read the defense of our George's
Unplugged on their letters page, and then said outloud--in public, while
seemingly calmly having a snack before class--"YEAH!" when I saw the
writers name. WAY TO GO ALAN!!!!!!!! I thought that note sounded

*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I wrote this poem obviously about George and the loss of his mother.
I'm just wondering what you think about it. Positive and negative
criticism welcome. I'm sending this to you because most of my
friends don't like my poems about George, because they don't like him.
I would have sent this to your private e-mail, but have forgotten the
address sorry. I hope this isn't to much of a bother. I'll leave it up to
you, if you think this worthy for Yogmael.

(I think this is very worthy for YOGMAEL! AG)



I heard today, the sad, sad news,
that a wife, and mother, had died,
and in her passing, she left behind those she loves.

I cried for her son, for her family, for their pain.
To easily did this remind me of my own pain.
Of the loss of someone close to the heart.
A friend, a teacher, an unconditional love.
One thought sometimes,
eases the pain.

Another angel is in heaven.

Try to remember, when the darkness calls.
When your heart breaks again and again.
And with a thought grief can begin a new.
Your wife, your mother,
is an angel in heaven.

Each morning when you wake,
no matter the place or your distance from home.
She will be the one, who gentle wakes you.
Either with a thought, a breeze or a kiss.
She will be standing there waiting for you.

When life is happy,
(it will be some day,)
She will make your joy,
a little bit stronger,
and she will make it last as long as... forever.
Shell be laughing and joking alongside you.
Sometimes, you will see her smile.

You shall never be lonely again.
For she will always be there... standing next to you.
It will be her arms that will hold you tight.
And for your pain, she will plead for it to leave.
For only angels can whisper to God.
If your pain will not disappear,
she will ease it through her heart.
She will cry more tears, so you will cry less.
She will comfort you.

Sometimes when you walk along the street,
you will know she is beside you.
Memories of her will catch you in a thought.
You will hear her whisper your name.
For angels can travel the world and
she is standing right there beside you.

March 3, 1997
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Hi, Amanda. I found this article in the Daily Mirror and thought it
was a nice tribute to Lesley. I'm not sure who wrote it.


"George's Mum in a Million"
March 3, 1997

Anyone who has ever lost a parent will know how George Michael
feels today. In time you learn to be grateful for the life of your mother
or father rather than sad and angry about their death. But it takes
many years. Lesley Panos, George's mother, lost her fight against
cancer last week. Whenever I met her she was always doing
something to help her son, from taking care of his house to providing
silent support at the High Court during her boy's legal battle against
Sony. The last time I saw her was on the final day of the case. She
was a lovely woman warm, outgoing but strong, the rock that George
Michael has built his life on. Nothing was more important to her than
George and his sisters. It is tempting to say that Lesley was an
old-fashioned mother loving, selfless and happy to make a lifelong
commitment to her family and that they don't make them like that
any more. But it is probably closer to the truth to say that you still
get wonderful mothers like Lesley. Just not as often as in the past.
*************************** (Adriana) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just wanna share with all George's fan how deeply sorry I am
because of George's mother. He must remember her as the great
mom she must have been, and think that now she's an angel more
than ever.


avril-at-UDel.Edu (francie, barbie's modern cousin) writes:
hi everyone,

since someone shared a story about a wham! encounter i thought
i'd share mine- or the closest i ever got.

i think it was about 1985 and i was eleven years old. i had just
discovered the world of pop music and wham! was by far my most
favorite band. i had saved up my allowance and bought my first
record by myself-make it big. (of course i had to play it on a toy
record player! :) )

anyway, at this time my grandparents went on vacation to hawaii.
one day they got in the elevator at their hotel, and who should get
in but andrew ridgeley! they recognized him from the 100-200 pictures
on my bedroom wall, i guess. they told him "our granddaughter loves
your band!!" i guess andrew was surprised to be accosted by two
senior citizens in hawaii! :) he said, "oh! then tell her i said hello!"

i've told my friends about it ever since!
Rebmmc90-at-BUFFALOSTATE.EDU (Mary Rebmann) writes:
Can anyone tell me the latest news on Andrew? It has been a long
time since I heard anything about him. I heard that he had been
racing cars, but that was many years ago. At the time, he had
been in quite a few mishaps with them. I am a new member to
the mailing list, so I am not aware of any of the information that
has already been passed on by all of the memmbers.

(If you have this same question, just drop me a line asking for
ANGEMAIL. It explains a few things about Andrew's life. AG)
*************************** writes:
I have been reading through my George Michael book which came
with a 20 min interview CD and think it is fantastic. Although the
CD is not that good in my opinion, the book is a treasure which
everyone should have! I found out the most amazing fact from it -
Andy Ridgeley was born in Windlesham Maternity Hospital in
Windlesham, Surrey. OK so not amazing right - until you hear this:
I live in Windlesham - it is a real nice little village 30 mins from
Guildford. The Hospital is now a Children's Nursery, but hey pretty
amazing, eh?

Now, if you were having a baby, would you go to your closest
maternity hospital or the furthest? The closest obviously! So AR
must have lived within 30km of my house the way I figure it (my
house is about 500 metres from the old Hospital!) A question: Does
anyone know where AR lived when born? Please anyone who can
help - write either personally to me or to YM!

I recommend you all get this CD/Book (even though it is unofficial -
it is pretty darn good! Published by Virgin, so it must have some
links with GM, surely!)


Tom Wanless
*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Id like to know all GM discography including WHAM, please
let me know.

(Who's feeling ambitious... AG)

Kisses, Andrea
*************************** (Sa') writes:

Does anyone know where I can get "Wham - the Final, videos"
in PAL or NTSC format from?

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

I ordered the Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert from Suncoast, but
it has been on backorder since the end of December. My sister in
law, the manager at Suncoast, told me that the production company
probably won't produce the copy until there are about 100 ordered.

So, I need a little help from my friends. Anyone who wants and
needs this video, please go to your video store and order this. The
more people who order one, the faster we'll get them. I'm not asking
people to order them if they don't want them, but I'm sure quite a few
of us would like this on video direct from the store, instead of copies.
It's only $15.95 US, I believe.

For those who don't know, this tape contains George singing three
songs: "If You Were My Woman", "Sexual Healing", and "Village

To Wrap it Up:

See ya Monday.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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