Hi ladies and gents. Shout out to my new old friend Dom.

*************************** (Christie Calkins)
Hi Amanda,

I am sending my prayers and best wishes to the Panayiotou family
at this sad time in there lives. George makes us feel so good with
his beautiful music I am sorry we can't do more for him in this time
of grief. My love goes to George and his family

Christie Calkins - Reno, Nevada USA
--- Christie Calkins
*************************** (laura) writes:
HI Amanda and everybody, I just came back from Manchester and
when I was there I was completely struck by the news of Leslie's was really terrible and it must be so difficult for him and the
rest of the family right now....That's why he didn't go to get the prize at
the Brits Awards. I watched it and Elton John read a message from him.
It seemed a very sad message but nobody knew nothing. just the day
after Leslie died. She had been ill for approximately one year; she
had a cancer.
It's seems strange to me because I still remember when I
saw her in front of George's place just before his arrival from a vacation
and she was taking flowers, dresses from the tailor and dog-food into
his's so sad.....apparently she died in his arms.....

*************************** (Laura) writes:
Hi Amanda,
When you first offered to take condolences for George I wasn't sure
I wanted to participate because i thought, "there is nothing I could say
that will take away the pain." I lost both of my grandparents within eight
months of each other during in 1995 and it was so devastaing. They
were my two favorite people on earth. But then I remebered how
important it was to have friends and family who could relate to the pain I
felt. And so I thought I would include a little message to George.

Dearest George,
I just wanted to let you know know that you and your family are in my
thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I know it seems like the
hurt will never stop. I lost my grandparents in 1995. They were my two
most favorite people on Earth. They lived in the same town as my family
growing up and not a day passed that I didn't see or at least talk to
them. They are always on my mind. Every now and then something will
happen and I know in my heart that it was a gift from them. They are
always helping me even though they are no longer physically here. Your
mother will be that way for you too. Always watching over you. I just
wanted to let you know I understand your pain and will continue to pray
for you to get you through this difficult time. It is your music that has
gotten me through my most difficult times and I thank you for that!
Be strong!

Love, Laura
*************************** (Sue A. Hensley) writes:

I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to George also. He will
need all of our prayers. It is hard losing someone you love.

*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

Hi Amanda,
Hi Christie Calkins. To answer your question about the flyer in
the mail regarding George Michael for sale list from Anaheim Ca, that
is from Dan Gore and he is a trustworthy person to buy from. I bought
the Bare Hardcover Book from him about two months ago. So he
does meet my approval and it is always good
Wham! Rap
Bad Boys
Club Tropicana
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Careless Whisper
Last Christmas
Everything She Wants
Freedom 84
I'm Your Man
A Different Corner
The Edge of Heaven
Where Did Your Heart Go?
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
I Want Your Sex (Uncensored version)
Father Figure
One More Try
Kissing A Fool
Praying For Time
Freedom 90
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me with Elton John
Too Funky
Somebody To Love
These Are The Days of Our Lives
Jesus To A Child
Spinning The Wheel


Wrap Her Up with Elton John
Do They Know It's Christmas?
Careless Whisper Wexler Mix video (contains different and similar
clips to American video)
Calling You Live Concert Video
Freedom 90 (from MTV 10th Anniversary Special)
*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Help me...
Well, who can provide me with George Michael's song lyrics from his
WHAM! era? Please email me.
Thanks a lot.
*************************** writes:
Hi there,
Just would like to know if you have any idea if George will tour this

Andrew Rollason

(Since I'm guessing that based on your server being Virgin, you must
be based in the UK, the answer is most likely yes, he will be in your
neck of the woods. We'll keep you posted. AG)
*************************** (Adriana) writes:
Where do I go to sign on his birthdays greeting?

(Sounds like a question for Tim. AG)

*************************** (Heather Rega) writes:
Hi everybody.
My name is Heather Rega. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas but now I
am attending Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. I have been a
fan of George Michael since October. My favorite songs are "Kissing
a Fool", "Jesus to a Child", and "Fastlove". I also like to listen to the
Pet Shop Boys and Jon Secada.
I hope to hear from other fans out there soon.
Bye for now,
Heather Rega
*************************** (Bun Yu) writes:
It's a pity that the MTV Unplugged album doesn't release in Malaysia
on time.
*************************** (Stefan Andersson) writes:
Does anybody have any info on this bootleg CD--songs, length, sound
quality etc.: GEORGE MICHAEL--Freedom BBC Theater 96 Bon.

Please e-mail your answers to me.
*************************** (maria delgado) writes:
i would like to know where i could find other songs that george
michaelsings that are not on his album.

(Like the B sides etc? The duets? AG)

maria delgado
*************************** (reddevil) writes:
Hi Amanda

I was wondering if anyone was aware of the weekend MTV was
having at the end of this month. It features live performances and
dedicated shows to certain artists.
And I heard through someone it features George Michael.
Anyway, just a warning to keep you ears open.

Let me know if you hear of anything more

(Are you referring to MTV Europe? AG)
*************************** (Richard Shoucair) Thursday/Saturday
dj at a local danceclub...this of course means MAXIMUM GM PLAY!!!
He'll give us Faith, Fastlove, Freedom 90, Spinning The Wheel
(NEVER goes over well), Wake Me Up..., and of course Careless
Whisper. Just for kicks though we bought the Fastlove cd single for
him so he'd play "I'm Your Man 96" this weekend. Now...if a more
hype dance track ever did exist, I DARE you to tell me so! What an
unbeliveable mix! "Call me good, call me bad..."

This same dj though, claims to have an up-tempo TECHNO mix of
Father Figure! One of my pals gave him a blank cassette on Sat night
which we'll be picking up on Thursday. I've not heard anyone speak
on it in here so I'll assume it's a little on the obscure side. I'll report
when I hear it!

(Hey, if they can remix Don't Cry for Me Argentina to a Latin/Disco
mix, they can do anything...and in case you were wondering, they're
pretty good. AG)

And on the topic of wicked singles...the Extended Stimulation "I'm
Your Man" is hilarious! The dialogue in the breakdown is downright
wacko. "This is a magic car..." HAHHHAHAHAHHA!!! I can't wait
till Thursday...Ray of Sunshine is gonna squeeze its way through
those speakers for the first time since 82! Trust me!

To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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