1. There is another virus rumour shooting around, this one is allegedly

2. Anecdote o' the day: I casually drop by to see my deviant behaviour
proffesor to clear a topic for an essay--the secrets of an obsessed fan
(surprise surprise). She asks who, I tell her, adding that I have also
created the ultimate deviant subculture--my beloved mailing list. On my
way out, she stops me: "Did you know he's Greek?" You could have
knocked me over with a feather... Think she's a fan?

*************************** (Nasime Desiree Motamedi) writes:
Hi Amanda-

I just wanted to say Hello and tell you that I heard about George's mom
through Yogmael. I don't think there was any news coverage in the
states. This is very sad to hear about. My aunt has breast cancer and
my mother recently found two cysts in her breasts. They are benign, but
my family is still worried. I know what George is going through right
now and I hope he knows that all of us are praying for him. This is a
difficult time for the family. Thanks for posting this information. If
it wasn't for Yogmael, I wouldn't have known.
Desiree Motamedi
*************************** (FREEDOM) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogmael family:
My name is Ana and I'm writting from Spain. Since I subscribed to
Yogmael a few weeks ago I've been thinking of mailing you because
I've got some things to tell that I'm sure will be interesting to all George
fans. One of them is that here in Spain there is an official George's fan
club, which I've got the honour to preside. I'll be mailing you very soon to
speak about this, but this time I'd only like to send a message to George:

Dear george:
On behalf of all the members of your Official Fan Club in Spain we send
you our most sincere condolences in your sad loss.We all are thinking of
Our love as always.
Ana Escolar (
*************************** (DeAnna) writes:
Hi Amanda....after I e'd the following message yesterday I started thinking
maybe the Yogd address wasn't such a good idea if using his nickname
bothers him. After all I don't want to add to his distress.

My love and prayers are with George and each member of his family. I feel
such a deep sadness. I think of the love Mrs. Panayiotou had for her son...
the pride she felt...the joy he gave her. I wish I had been able to thank
for giving the world her son and his music. God bless them all and grant them
peace and understanding...De
*************************** (Hatu, Tim) writes:

I was out of town last weekend and I just learned the bad news.

I feel very sorry for George and his family. Our prayers go out to them.

Your mother will always be with you George

May she rest in peace

Tim and Family
*************************** (clegend) writes:
Hi I just have had the chance to log in and the last Yogmael I received
was 106 and now I have 112?? Did you skip a few?? Only if you have time
resend them. I totally understand about jobs and school commitments.

(Be patient with me, and you'll get them. AG)

I read quickly 112. I have been thinking about what if anything any of
us can do to show that we care. I think that sending condolences and
"our prays are with you" are nice and hopefully The Panayiotou family
realizes that there are of a lot of people who care about them. What I
was thinking of was maybe of making donation to the Cancer research
organization in our area/countries in Mrs. Panayiotou name. What do
you think, is that rude or tacky?

(Not at all tacky--as we know now since it's already under way... AG)

I am not close to my mother at all. In fact I have not talked to her in
close to two years. It is really to bad that she and I can not work out
our differences. Thinking about this has made me remember that one
day we will be gone and we may miss our opportunities to reconcile.

Let me know your opinion, I am going to do some calling for
organization in my area.

Ann.C.Philippon-at-Dartmouth.EDU (Ann C. Philippon) writes:
Hey Amanda!

Thanks for putting together the YM Honours, they were great, even
though the choices were frustrating ; ).

(How so? AG)

I have a question: was Love Machine written by George or is it a
cover? My Fantastic cassette has no info inside, so I wasn't sure.

I'm asking because I have recently been hearing advertisements
(radio & tv) for Ford Taurus cars here in NH (I don't know if they're
national ads or not) & they sing a (pretty lame) spoof of Love Machine
in the background, so I was wondering if George or CBS or whoever
"sold out" the rights.

(Fortunately, I have 2 copies of Fantastic--the international and
North American, and I can assure you it is a cover. Credit W. Moore
and W. Griffen. Not sure, but I think it was Smokey Robinson and the
Miracles who recorded it. AG)

Thanks as usual for all of your hard work--you rock!...

(Thank YOU! AG)

Take care,
*************************** (Debra Sue Miller) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I know I should probably be flogged for this questions, but.....

has anyone actually accessed the newsgroup
as mentioned in a recent yogmael issue?

(No one else has asked me personally about it, but it has been asked
about on the AOL George board. So I asked James, who told me about
it, and his answer appears below. AG)

All of my searches come back with "no such newsgroup". I've yet to
see anything of the sort mentioned anywhere on the world wide web.

I can't help it, I must see everything and anything pertaining to
George. I admit it -- I'm obsessed!!!!!

Not to worry, nothing could possibly compare to you and Yogmael.

(I'd blush if my face was not encased in a facial mud mask... AG)

Your faithful fan and loyal friend,

(I just smiled and cracked my mask...but thank you Debbie! AG)


P.S. Oh yea!! I have listened to the tape you made me about, oh,
uh, thirty times already and I had forgotten how much I LOVE the
song "I'm Your Man". What fun!!! (Thank you for providing me with
such great tunes for my walk to the office each morning.)

(Glad you're enjoying! AG)

Be well -- Debbie
*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
Amanda, hi.

Great, Cheri and I are glad the invitation has been accepted.

The newsgroup. In discussion with another, we've come to the
conclusion that not all news-servers have equal access to the
specific group. Some ISP's may not even have access depending
on the size of their 'news-reel'. My local ISP has recently doubled
the size of available groups, so I can't even say for sure if the
George NG is new, or if I'm just now able to access it.

Regardless, in the three weeks it's been available, there has only
been 6 articles posted of which 3 has been advertising. Very
disappointing to say the least.

Your welcome,
*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
HI Amanda!

Isnīt it a little exagerated that some of you cry when GMīs mother
died ? I mean I know weīre all fans of his but COME ON ! Donīt you
have other, more serious stuff to care about than crying about GMīs
mother. I also think itīs very sad especially because she had cancer
but I think that reaction is a little exagerated. But thatīs just my opinion.

(While I admittedly did not cry, that is likely the result of 2 things:
1. My mom is alive and well--and driving me nuts as always...
2. I have never lost anyone to cancer.
I am sure most people had other factors figuring into their tears. AG)

Some guy wrote in one the last Yogmail editions that some people on
this mailing list persuaded him to buy LWP which he didnīt have
before. He was very overwhelmed by Cowboys and Angels ! OH how
I envy this guy ! I mean he is a fan of such a great artist and there is
still a whole ALBUM which he doesnīt know ! I mean this is the
greatest moment for a fan : To buy totally new material ! If you already
have the stuff itīs still great to listen to but itīs not the same as if you
just bought it and listen to it for the first time. I always loved that
experience and I can remember when I first listened to LWP - it was
just great ! I would like to relive through that experience SO bad ! Thatīs
why I envy him ! If you have and know everything by your artist or band
(like probably the most of us do in terms of GM) with the years itīs
getting a little boring if he doesnīt release anything new. I hope this gets
a little better in the future! On the other hand I started to listen to FAITH
in the last time again and I noticed that it is such a great album and that
I havenīt listened to it for quite a while!

(For as much as I love George, you'd think he'd be in ultra heavy rotation
in the Gardonyi household, and yet he's not. That honour currently belongs
to the Evita soundtrack--a surefire sign that I miss the stage... But every

once in a while, I'll dig out his stuff and spend an afternoon with it. I
that with LWP recently and re-discovered it much as you had Faith. I
thought back to the time I bought it, what was my life like--I was 15 and
incredibly depressed for some reason that seemed very important at the
time and laughable now--where did I first hear it--on my walkman on a
bench in front of the record store, etc. AG)

Well, anyway.........................

Bye, and Amanda: you do great job and I always admire how you
manage to do this list besides your studies! One can predict that this
list will grow on and on so maybe you should consider a helper for the
future !

(The list eats Sundays is how I manage. Maybe 30 minutes a day
normally, but a good 10 hours on Sunday... AG)

Anyway, I send you a BIG compliment for this great work ! Just
a pity that on account of the increased number of members you
are not able to comment as much as you did at the beginning but I
can definately understand that, NO COMPLAINT !

(It has nothing to do with increased #'s, but rather an increasingly boring
life...but since a number of people are bringing it up, I'll have to remedy
that now won't I? AG)

Greetings to all,
*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
Hello all,

I'm not sure if this has been mention before but I found an interesting
little link. At the following site you can see a piece of art by *OUR*
favorite artist:

The piece is titled "Faith" (what else) and was done by George in
1990. cover artwork (12cm x 9.4cm)

"In the Summer and Fall of 1994 War Child Patron Brian Eno and War
Child Trustee Anthea Norman-Taylor recruited a number of their
friends--prominent musicians from every generation of rock music-- to
aid in the first major War Child fundraising event. Over 50 musicians
from Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Kate Bush and Iggy Pop to Bono,
The Edge, and Boy George each contributed one or more small pieces
of artwork for exhibition and auction.

On September 27, 1994 a benefit auction was held at The Royal
College of Art in London, where funds were raised through the sale of
these works of art. All proceeds were given to War Child to aid in the
construction of their first project, the Mostar Children's Music Centre."

Does anyone happen to know how much George's piece went for?

M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** (laura) writes:
Hi Amanda, Hi yoggers!
It's me again, Laura from italy. First of all thanks to all those who
wrote to me separately giving me the info I requested in the last letter.
As a good Italian the other day I was watching the football match
Italy-England (with all the doubts that having an english boyfriend
could involve...) and I was quite amazed that, at the end of the match,
I heard that in the stadium, a suave voice was singing a " strange" song,
a song that I'm not used to yet...and was him, George, singing
"I can't make you love me" to 72000 people (on the radio of course....).
It was quite a nice feeling. I know that George is amazingly popular in
London, I've been there plenty of times and it's normal to hear one of his
songs(and not only the latest hit) in shops, bars, pubs, discos etc. but
when I heard that song broadcasted at Wembley stadium I was quite
proud of him.
I also wanted to answer to Carolyn: you're right ...I should have told you
more than I did about my meetings with George. So , here it is. The best
one was surely the first one...I met him in London in a place you are sure
you're going to meet him....I went there for the first time in June the 18th
1992. I didn't like to wait for him just outside his house, so we stayed
quite far from the private estate ; I was so so lucky because after only
ten minutes that we were waiting there he came out of his house with
Andros and while going away with his car he deliberately stopped it near
us and he wound down the darkened window asking us: " Is everything
ok?" in the sweetest voice...he stayed there for about ten minutes and
both of them talked to us (me and a friend of mine) even if Andros was
sort of more at ease. George was so nice anyway, smiling, kind, I can
tell you....he IS a gentleman.You do not realize that he's just like us until
you meet him personally, and then you think : God....he's so small! But
only because the huge posters hanging in your room are giving you a wrong
idea of him...I sort of imagined it already but he proved that to me. I will
never forget that day.....when he told us that he realized we were Italian
from our accent, his being a little bit shy, the pictures, and the innocent

kiss on his cheek on that soft beard.....
Now most of you could arise " moral" problems about his privacy ,
the right of being let alone etc. but please, all of you, think about it and
sincerely tell me, If you had the luck that one of your penpals gave you the
address of his house just a couple of weeks before going to London what
would you have done? I'd really like you (and Amanda as well) to think
about it and tell me if you think I'm wrong or right. I think it's a good d
discussion issue.

(I think it's one thing to hover a couple hundred yards from the house, and
quite another to knock on the front door. And I cannot tell a lie, I'd do
same thing you did. AG)

I finally got in the George site and I quite like it, thanks
for the address. Thanks to Delina as well for her transcription of
Desafinado...we really needed that!!!!!:))))
P.S. my e-mail address is
P.S.2 Yes DO make the sun shine brighter than Doris

(Thanks! AG)

To Wrap It Up:

YES, YOGMAEL Weekend is open to all.

My thanks to Jim Simpson for the Spanish DCFMA lyrics. And thanks for
running YOGMAEL's address in the Madonna list. Cliched though this
sounds, it's great how we can all get along through common love of music.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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