Hi, 3 notes:

1. You will recall that I told you of a summer job? To quote Bananarama
(and to be fair, Shocking Blue) "YEAH BABY SHE'S GOT IT!" My thanks
to Alicia, Christina, and Chery for the extra luck.

2. YOGMAEL Weekend voting is swinging in favour of July 25 to 27th,
and since that weekend suits me best as well, I do hereby declare--in
association with my partners in crime Alicia and Carolyn--who are making
my Californian vacation possible--YOGMAEL Weekend 1997 will take
place in Los Angeles, California Friday July the 25th to Sunday July 27th.
Be there or be talked about behind your back... Full details will be made
available in late May.

3. From the Imperial Cancer Research Fund:

>Dear Amanda,

>Thank you very much for your generous offer! We would be delighted
>to receive any donation, large or small, from your group to help us in
>our vital research.

>As you will know from your visit to our Web site, we are Europe's
>largest independent cancer research institute and our long experience
>with the Web makes us ideally placed to work with a virtual
>community such as yourselves.

>I've forwarded your email to Sarah Guthrie who is the Director of
>London Appeals. Sarah will contact you very shortly to discuss the
>best way to set up the appeal - her email address is

>Once again, thank you in advance for helping us to find more cures
>and save more lives.



*************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
I just want to wish George and his family the best as they go through
these hard times. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and
I know George will be strong and pull through this.
With love,
Alexandra Sweet
*************************** (Mark and Lisa) write:
I want to start off by saying how sorry I am for George at this moment
in his life. Ever since I heard the news, I've been thinking about how I
would feel without my mom around to show motherly concern and all.
Mothers are really an inspiration to their children. My wife claims that
I'm a 'Mamma's boy'. I used to take that as an insult, but realized that
she was referring to the sensitive side. Having listened to George's
music for years, I have no doubt the sensitivity is within him.

I hope this does not come across as selfish, because I really am
saddened with this news; I believe with all my heart that after George
comes to terms with his mother's death, we will probably hear the most
sincere and eloquent music of his life. I believe this, because I know
the man is one of the most personal/emotional writers that I've ever heard.

He's in my thoughts...I know he has good things coming to him....he
surely deserves them.

'Now everyday I see you in some other's face, they crack a smile, talk
awhile, and try to take your place..
Oh my memory, serves me far too well'.....

Take care
*************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
I can't begain to tell you how sad I was to here the news about Mrs.
Panayiotou. It is the worst thing in the world to lose someone that
you love dearly. I myself have lost three family members and two were
due to cancer. My prayers and best wishes go out to you all.
Anne Bolen
*************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi, Amanda,
I just got the message about George's mom dying. I am so sad for him
and his family. February has really been a bad month since my grandpa
just died after two weeks in the hospital, and now with this news, I'm
crying all over again! George has always been there for me during the
sad times, through his music, and it has helped a lot over the years. I
wish there was something I could do for him. My thoughts will be with
him and his family. ---

Awhile back I posted that I had HEAVEN HELP ME cassingles for sale
or trade, they are both spoken for ( Amanda, you still want yours right?)

but I lost the address of the person I promised the other to. My hard
drive failed and everything got erased. So, if you're out there,
Canadian woman who I promised the single to, please email me again.

(Yes I still want mine! AG)

Someone wanted to know if there is a good discography of G's stuff,
there is one at
This has been posted before, but I thought I'd post it again, there
might be some who missed it. It's been recently updated. Everyone
should take a look at it and see if there's anything they can add to it.

That's all for now, bye-- Jen
*************************** (Sa') writes:
ok so do you actually refuse to post some letters?

like I care - i wish somone would censor the spice girls out of the

(Nope. I have admittedly tweaked a few, but to the best of my
knowledge, no. Though I do know AOL does lose mail sometimes.

*************************** (Christie Calkins) writes:
Hi Amanda

The other day I received a flyer in the mail to buy GM stuff. There
was not a name on it just a P.O. Box from Anaheim, California.
Do you know anything about this? I asked Nancy, she doesn't
know who its from. I would hate to see anyone get ripped off.

(I have no idea. An unsolicited catalog is never a good thing...
Be leary folks! AG)

Thanks Much
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
For sale or trade for other George Michael items:

Hi everyone, I have a HUGE assortment of George Michael, Wham!,
and Andrew Ridgeley memorbilia for sale or trade. Items range from
autographs, books, magazines, buttons, posters, vinyl, backstage
passes, promo flats, puzzles, box sets, to video and audio
interviews and concerts. For a complete catalogue, please write to

(Just a note, Nancy has the AG stamp of approval. Meaning I trust
her. AG)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

If there is anything that I can do to help out on YM pleassse feel free
to let me know. I may need a little help on the computer aspect, but as
far as my GM knowledge, the info is endless. I have been a dedicated
fan as long as he has been around. Never lose the Faith.

(And now to explain why Alicia's the Andrew and I'm the George... Ok,
much like George, I am a complete and utter control freak. But I do
delegate out tasks every once in a while, so just keep your eyes open.
Thanks for the offer! AG)
*************************** (JATIN GYAN SEEJORE) writes:
Hi there,

can anybody tell me where can I get the cover version of "PAST

(That is the one track we are trying to find...ANYONE? AG)

Please can anyone tell me where can I find the following singles
of George:

- Too funky
- father figure
- Somebody to love
- Freedom
- Don`t let the sun go down

thanks very much

A great fan of him!
bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:

How do I get to the George board on AOL? Thanks.

(You need to be an AOL subscriber. Then you would use keyword
"MMC", once there, click on Rock/Pop, then Artists G to O, find
George's name, and then "Read New Messages" AG)
(Dana Motovska) writes:
Hello all,

If it is possible, could You find out somewhere, when will be any
concert in Europe, the best in Czek Republic, Hungary, Austria or
Germany and send me some info about that?

(No dates are set as yet. AG)

Thanks a lot, keep in touch Dana
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Hi again Amanda: is Aegean now on the mailing list for all future

(Not exactly. I have yet to hear back from them, likely the result
of the office being a bit quiet at the moment. For now, I'm just
waiting it out. AG)

Kinda sounds that way and that's just awesome (for lack of a
better expression). There is no better way to let them know about
our "family feeling" than let them experience it firsthand. Although
I have not seen one person face to face, I love us all and delight in
the joy we get from the words and music. George himself sends
a message that we all receive - honesty above all, respect and love
will follow. I admire any and all who put out this message whether

it be in song, books or the comics. Faithfully yours, Carolyn
avril-at-UDel.Edu (francie, barbie's modern cousin) writes:
I'm Your Man is my favorite wham! song and video of all time. does
anyone know how many remixes of the song exist? i think more
than any other wham! song. i can remember at least three distinctly
different ones. april

(I have 3. The Extended Stimulation, Acappella, and Do it Right.
But I'm sure there are more. AG)
*************************** (David Bednaz) writes:
Hi all GM fans!
I am new to the list, I just joined about a week ago so I think I should
tell you stuff about myself. I live in the United States and I have
recently become very interested in George Michael. When FAITH
came out I got the album and really liked it, but after that he sort-of
slumped here in the US so I hardly ever saw him on TV or heard his
songs on the radio. Years passed and FASTLOVE came out, so I
got the single and I really liked it. Then MTV Unplugged came out
and I saw it and I loved it! I taped it and I watch it all of the time. So
my sister got me the OLDER album for Christmas. I really loved it.
A couple of weeks ago I picked up LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE
VOLUME 1 and I am really enjoying that.
I have so many things that I would like to know more about GM so
I was wondering if any fans--preferably non-USA--want to become
e-mail pen-palsor whatever.

Well, I just have one question before I go, which Wham album is
EVERYTHING SHE WANTS on? I love that song!

(That would be on Make it Big, the 1984 release. AG)

David Bednarz
*************************** (Barry) writes:
Hello All!

This was posted in Yogmael #117 (9 March 1997):

::These are all that I've ever heard of.
::Were there anymore videos from LWP?
::I know there weren't in the US. How about the UK?

:(You forgot only one, the duet with Aretha--I Knew You Were Waiting
:--had a video also. AG)

Don't forget to add the easily overlooked "Do They Know It's

and the not-so-known "Wrap Her Up". This is from Elton John's lp,
"Fire On Ice". GM added some vocals and appeared in the video.

(Ooops, you are correct. Silly me. AG)

** If anyone else can add to this list... PLEASE DO! **

FYI: I have seen M2 (MTV's new channel) play the video for "Young
Guns"!!! :)

Talk to you guys later!

TO Wrap it Up:

Alicia: Regarding those "issues", I'm sorry, really. You can slap me
out in person July 19th.

Amanda's "out there" request for this week: Would anyone who
knows them, please forward me the Spanish lyrics to the dance
remixes of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"? Thanks in advance.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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