1. YOGMAEL has it's own address. I'm still getting posts at which makes compliling the list a bit tougher.
Please send ALL posts to YOGMAEL to Also,
please don't post from Tim's page! Those come in as special files
that I tend to forget about for weeks on end. Thanks.

2. Regarding the donation: I have contacted The Imperial Cancer
Research Fund. It's British, and can be easily arranged via e mail. I
am waiting to hear back and then we can make formal arrangements
and begin the fundraising drive.

3. OK, so this is a doozy... Look what a friend of mine--one my
fellow DeLory Fans--sent me:
Subj: You're a star!
Date: 97-03-08 03:53:37 EST (tammie)

Hi Amanda,

I think you just got mentioned in the Madonna mailing list! This isn't
to go out to DSU, just for your own information if you didn't see it
already .


>You think freedom of speech isn't kept up here? Join the George
>Michael Mailing List. All the mail there goes to ONE person who
>decides what gets read. In my opinion, *that's* censorship.
All About Eve - the Australian Donna DeLory page!
interviews ~ song poll ~ photo gallery ~ links ~ lyrics ~ soundfiles
What can I do but laugh? As I joked on the AOL Board: "I should
probably be more upset than I am--I can't help but laugh at myself
being perceived as an evil wench hunched over my computer late
at night yelling "NEVER you ignorant plebe!!" when I read the
incoming mail and laughing maniacally while I delete it." The only
thing that really pisses me off is that they didn't give the
YOGMAEL address... But my thanks to list owner Jim Simpson
for thinking of me.
BTW, some of you have been asking for the address of this list,
and so here it is:
I mean really, slammed by the Madonna list when just this Friday
three videos fell out of an envelope, 2 Madonna concerts and a
George interview and I just about set a speed record to get the
Blonde Ambition video into the VCR...OK, so what if it was to
see Donna DeLory and Slam... ; )

*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I would like to post a message for George and his familyl

Dear George and family,
My thoughts, tears and prayers are extendend to your loss. I
just want you to know you are being thought of today and always.
Andrea Uptegraph
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I am completely shocked and saddened to hear of George's lost. My
fiance's mother died of cancer three years ago, so I know what a
horrible loss George is feeling now. My prayers are with him.
*************************** (Anita D. Patel) writes:
Dearest George,

I am so sorry and so saddened to hear about the loss of someone
so, so precious. May you find peace as you keep the memories of
the love, laughter and smiles that you shared alive forever in your heart.
My love, my condolences, and a huge hug to you, Mel, Yioda and your
father which I wish could help take away all of hurt and pain that you
are feeling. You have been loved and always will be.

Love Always,

Anita, Heena and Family

That's all for now--and now back to all matters dealing with Yog!:)
Thanks AG!:)

Luv ya,
*************************** (Rene') writes:
Hello Amanda!

Now really. Is it ever "just a note" with me?! More like "The
Introduction to My Senior Thesis Is..". :)

Couldn't get you out of my head, so I thought I would write. No, it's not
the continuous YM ed. (although thanks for the weekend break! Do
you have a sheet feeder connected to Omega or what? Your ISP must
love you! --just teasing').

I have been going over the YM archives on my HD. And trying to put
the interviews and such, to text format. Still not promising anything; I
just got started and still have no idea what I'm in for! But, that's how the
greatest projects get started; look at Yogmael!

(It was really a joke gone horribly wrong... AG)

Anyway, I was just reminiscing {I'm way too young for this kind of
mood, but hopefully you will read this on Sun. and be a little "vegged
out"}. Remember when you ran for office at University?:

>>I went to a meeting for an on campus club, and for a joke ran for a
position, which gave me about 2 minutes to come up with a speech. ....
and then just couldn't resist adding that I run the George Michael E mail
mailing list--figuring I could maybe snag some votes from any faithful
present--to which someone responded--after the Philistines laughed at
me--"I've got faith"<< (Issue 20;9/19/96)

HA! Bet they wouldn't laugh so hard now! 500+ members; that's a hell
of a mailing list!!

(575 to be exact... AG)

And now for a little stroking:
At that point it occurred to me; Perhaps Amanda is a bigger fan than I
am! How could a fan endure such laughter without seriously considering
taking those heathens out! and
then to be gracious enough to try and actually convert them to
"Georgedom". Help them see the light if you will.. :) {I know; enough
with the religious imagery} All to say, you go above and beyond in your
Faith . And thanks *a lot* for making the rest of us minor fans
really feel bad about not going out of our way! *laugh*

(Close friends taking shots get things thrown at their head--the last
projectile was a cracker--or a cry of indignation followed by an appropriate
insult right back...I have yet to throw a punch in George's defense, but
my friend Michelle and I are getting into more and more slap fights, so I
guess that day can't be too far off... AG)

Back to memories. That "Uh-lee-see-uh" ;-) is a very cool kid! I haven't
written her; partially because it kinda feels like "invading your private
space". (--like stalking one of George's friends to ask about him?) But
from what I read, you guys are great together. Tell Andy hello; and
remind her that George's _Cousin_ is Andreas--which could be Andrew
too. And all fans know how close they are.

(I spoke to her on this matter, and here's what she said: "Privacy-thing: I
certainly don't mind if these people e long as you don't!:) Esp. if
they are willing to help me with the Live-Aid project!:)" I for one have no

problem with people e'ing her. We do allow each other to have other
friends. But I feel I should warn you, she never answers my e mail to
her...and to answer the most frequently asked question, NO Alicia and
I have yet to meet face to face. AG)

A word for that friendship though; have you heard of "NetPhone"? Might
save you a few dimes in long-distance charges. Just a thought.. *Big

(I have not, what exactly is it? AG)

--- "The doctor will see you now.."
I know that you said that you stopped remarking in YM to give us a
chance to express ourselves, and to relieve the backlog. But reading
through from the beginning, I couldn't help but wonder if secretly,
su personal life: I had to buy a new keyboard for Omega Saturday, and I

am having a hell of a time getting used to it. While installing the new
keyboard I decided to rewire/connect the whole computer, so I spent 3
hours on Saturday doing just that--blaring the dance remixes of Don't
Cry For Me Argentina during the second half, having bought it during a
mid afternoon/installation run to the mall for a Din PS2 connector.
Including an hour sitting under my desk, drilling a hole for the keyboard
cord through my desk trying to use a cordless drill until I realized that
I'd have more luck boring the hole with that xray vision trick I've been
working on, and went looking for a real drill that finished the job in a
minute flat. I did take a break to talk to James though, and solidify a
forthcoming get together, give him the scoop on YM #117, and discuss
the person who does not deliver product as he's supposed to--his name
is Jeff Finnie by the way. On top of that, my comfy desk chair is broken
and I am know using a chair from my restaurant days--which are
designed to make sure you eat and get the hell out... Why do I think
I should consent to some sort of interview... Enough of my personal
life for you? And oh yeah, I just got off the phone with my mom who
says Hi to all the people destroying her baby girl's grade point average.

A little cynical? Didn't mean to be! Like George, we can't wait to have
you back! We like what you have to say and your great to listen to.
And don't take offense; this is just a little "Pop Psychology 101". I do
it mostly to have fun. If it makes you feel better, my sister just finished
a diatribe on why "Rene' wears white socks and watches Babylon 5".
Remember your quote: "You can find a meaning in Anything if you look
hard enough". Ain't that the truth?! :)

(Quite the diatribe it might be...why does Rene wear white socks?
Amanda wears them almost exclusively because they match almost
everything, much like why I am almost always wearing a black t shirt.

To change the subject:
Just wanted to let you know that I am aware that YM has it's OWN
ADDRESS! Didn't want you to think that I am taking advantage by
sending all my posts to your personal address. Have you
ever met people who think about things too much? {I guess the
above para. is a symptom} That's me! So I'm always caught on the
fence; "Is this a personal note or do other YMrs need to know?!!"
but if you find anything interesting, feel free to post it.

(I just HAD to post this one... AG)

And, if you're wondering, The only reason I don't use internet "chat"
is because I am not mentally adept to handle it! So your STILL one
up on me! :) Tried it a couple of times; got very lost in what was going
on; and decided to write email novels. That's where my future
lies; for now!

(Internet chat is easy on AOL, that's why I use it, it's also cheaper
than the $25 an hour via telephone to talk to Alicia. AG)

I get the terrible feeling I've offended. So I better scoot! Feel free to
Flame me for being rude and out of line; we're friends so I can take
it!! :):) Will even join AOL (free for a month..) just so you can chew
me out on "chat".

(What's to flame? I thought it was great! AG)

("Want some Ice-Cream?") IF I don't get zapped, I PROMISE to
shorten my emails!!!


Ps. BECAUSE I write so much, I never expect to hear from friends
right away! So unless you want to curse me and get it out of your
system, Take your time responding! ;-)
There's Sanity in Numbers!

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

I compiled a list of videos per request. These are all of his mus Older

These are all that I've ever heard of. Were there anymore videos from
LWP? I know there weren't in the US. How about the UK?


(You forgot only one, the duet with Aretha--I Knew You Were Waiting
--had a video also. In fact, George and Andrew must have been
sharing a wardrobe because in this vid George sports the same
leather/denim jacket Andrew wears in the "I'm Your Man" Video. In
fact, all but 3 of these sit in my personal collection--but no, I'm not
going to be doing mass dubbing! AG)

Quite a list, huh?

To Wrap it Up:

The first meeting of the Southern Ontario YOGMAEL camera crew
has been set for April 5th at the home of James and Cheri Robinson
in London (Ontario). Anyone who'd like to go, please contact James
at and/or myself at

Recently overheard in the Gardonyi house:
2. "Are you mocking the almighty Yog?"
3. "So who do we have to put in our will (for sending these videos)?"
THANKS AGAIN FOR THE MADDY VIDEOS NANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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