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Song : Jesus to a Child
Overall Rating: 8.86 (15 Votes)


I almost nearly sold all my GM items because I was bored with him. He hadn't been doing anything for a long time--no new stuff etc. Then I was watching MTV one day and I heard them say the premiere to the new GM video was coming up, so I got a tape and I recorded and I loved the song, I thought it was the most romantic thing GM has ever written right behind "Praying for Time". Now that I think about it, I would really like to learn to play the song on my keyboard, and eventually I will as soon as I find the sheet music. When I got the single on CD, I kept repeating that song over and over and over and over. It's a very relaxing song almost in the same arena as "Kissing a Fool" and "Mother's Pride". It's brilliant. - Rating : 10
William - 27/10/96

Another song, one of the best of GM, I know this song has written by GM to one friend from Brazil, his friend died two year before the song released.
Jesus to a child, has the armony, and the structure that GM only can gives, the voice is very nice!!!! - Rating : 8
Victor - 8/10/96

What a beautiful song! The sincerity of George's feelings always show through in his voice, but this one especially; I think the pain that the song expressed was, indeed, very real to George himself. He says: "So the words you could not say, I'll sing them for you..." which is the most beautiful line in the entire piece. I'm not much of an expert on music theory, but to a somewhat trained ear, it was a complete masterpiece. His voice is as smooth and sweet as ever. Rating: 9.99 (I'd give him a ten but this song still isn't exactly a "Freedom")
Harmony - 7/9/96

Can't stand it. I have studied music for thirteen years and it has to be the most unoriginal, poorly structured tune I have ever heard. I can't believe that George Michael thoughtthat this track was tgood enough to be the first single from Older. I seriously was dissapointed, I thought he must have changed so much.
I am so happy that I was wrong.
One out of ten, and that's generous. (Sorry George, still love ya to bits!)
100256.2723 - 30/8/96

It is really a very nice song. I think it is not so depressive as described in some comments I have seen. It could be writen in a moment - or some moments - of depression, but the feeling I can get from it is love, REAL love, and the hard pain of the lost love. This song is a pearl, and as natural pearls, it is impossible to find another one like this. I really admire George Michael now because he had courage to expose his feelings in spite of what everybody could think or say about his attitude. The more important thing is: Independent of like it or not, everybody should respect his feelings and the memory of that one (A.F.) he dedicated this song. My sincere respect and admiration to GM.Rating: 10.0 (Ten), with all the respect that is needed.
Marco - 11/6/96

The song is nice, but if you listen to it a lot, it becomes DEPRESSING. I listened to it a hundred times (just programmed my CD player to repeat it over and over again) and every listening became more and more depressing. It reminded me of lost loves and I felt as if they were too good for me and that's why they left me. I think that George should not raise women to a rank of Jesus. Women have problems, just like men and women are often inferior and rarely superior to men. Otherwise, the music is nice. However, the text can be dangerous if taken seriously. - Rating: 9
Pavel -1/6/96

One of the best love songs I've ever heard in my life!!!! WOW!!! I'd give it a Ten with a capital T !!
Ackoh - 10/5/96

All the George Michael true fans, who adore his music, may prefer a song over the other but they would never dislike a GM song.
I liked (Jesus to a Child) a lot, although I do not like to hear it all the time, and (Fast Love) is awesome because it is a pure GM style, and if you ever go deep in to (Im Your Man 96) then you would discover that it is one of the best remixes an artist can make. So I give all the GM new releases 10/10 because everything this man writes is great. I may not be in the mood for all the songs at anytime, but one can not deny that they are all worth waiting for.
Haitham - 9/5/96

Although I like this single overall, I am somewhat disappointed in the fact that GM doesn't display his full vocal range in the song. I like the song because it is soothing and has good fluidity. But it's definitely not as powerful or as emotional as "One More Try" or "Kissing A Fool." - Rating 7.2
Hahn - 26/4/96

Don't ask why, but I have listened to that song far over hundred times now and I still like it. Even though I think this song isn't really special or extraordinary or unconventional or whatever at all. Maybe it's because I identify with the lyrics. - Rating: 10

If this is any indication of the album, then it will definitely be the best yet from George. You can tell how much he has grown in the last five years, and it is WONDERFUL to be able to hear his beautiful voice again. It will also be great to be able to walk into a music store and actually find him on the shelf - right where he belongs!! Welcome back, George. We've missed you. - Rating 10

One of Georges' best songs. So soothing and mellow with that outstanding voice. I can listen to the song over and over again without getting tired of it. I also think the fact that radio stations, where I live, did not kill the song by playing it over and over again helped. I don't think George gets enough credit on his song writing abilities. I truely believe he is this best song writer of his time. He ranks right up there with Don Henley. I look forward to his latest release which will be difficult to top Listen without Prejudice, which is my favorite CD, but knowing George this will not be problem. I hope "Older" carries the same style of music as the first release from it "Jesus to a Child."

I like the song but I think it would have been better to release something a bit more fast like "I Want Your Sex", something with real kick - Rating 7

I think the song is excellent especially cause me and my friend are devoted GM fans. I found the song very deep and can actually relate to it. I also like his new look. - Rating 9

I really think it was one of GM's best ballads. Totally loved it and still can't figure out why it went so unnoticed in the US, although it did so well in other parts of the world. I liked the video too, but can't say the same about GM's beard in the video. I think he looks much better on the cover of the single than he does in the video.- Rating 10

The song is about a lover being found and then lost, and in the process, renewing the belief IN love of the person being loved (the character of the song). The lover is someone who is kind and tries to understand the character, especially at a time when no one else tries to understand his/her sadness. The smile like "Jesus to a child" signifies unconditional love; the type of love required to renew hope IN love. It seems that the lover dies for some non-apparent reason ("loveless and cold, with your last breath you saved my soul" & "He took your love away) but, in the end, what REALLY matters is the encounter and the realization that the "lover ... kissed is always by my [the character's] side"- Rating: 9.5

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Song : Fastlove
Overall Rating: 9.28 (29 Votes)


Comments from Chart Club Holland :The current UK number one, Fastlove by George Michael, enters the chart at number 22. It's George's 18th solohit in the Top 40, including his duets with Aretha Franklin and Elton John. Of these 18 singles, six reached the number one position - only Abba, Queen and the Beatles had more number ones. As I reported last week, George Michael set an all time record between 1984 and 1987 when his first five singles all reached number one (Careless Whisper up to and including Faith). His sixth number one was Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, his duet with Elton John.
Fastlove, incidentally, carries a sample of Patrice Rushen's Forget Me Nots. Her single reached number 23 in June 1982. The song is still very active, as it was recorded by Randy Crawford for her new album only a few months ago.

SEEN & HEARD: Have trouble letting go? Months after losing his nasty lawsuit against Sony music, George Michael seemed off to a fresh start at DreamWorks. But in a version of his new video, FastLove, a deejay's headphones are inscribed with a dig at the old boss; they read "Fony"...
Time magazine, May 13, 1996, p.101

Billboard review of Fastlove - After the brooding and darkly introspective "Jesus to a Child," Michael issues a firm reminder of his ability to stir some soulful vibes with the best of 'em.
A sleek groove that is a direct descendent of "Good Times" by Chic inspires a Michael performance that deftly cruises between breathy sensuality and full-bodied belting. Icing on the cake is a chorus and refrain that are immediate sing-along fodder. Good luck trying to sit through this summery winner without swaying or snapping your fingers--it's next to impossible. An excellent preview of the upcoming Michael opus, Older.

Comments from the UK Music Week site on the Fastlove debut : It's been a good couple of months since I sat in front of the rep from Virgin records and made appreciative cooing noises at the sound of the second single from George Michael's forthcoming new album. At the time it was difficult to get excited about it but after repeated exposure the brilliance of the track shines through. Unlike 'Jesus To A Child' this is George back at his funky best. The concatenated title alone should give you the clue that this single is along the same lines as 'TooFunky',a tight, intense funk track with its own sense of fun retro (it samples Patrice Rushen's 'Forget Me Nots' at the end as a nod to the inspiration for the song's rhythm). A second successive Number One hit was virtually assured, giving Michael the 11th Number One hit of his long and varied career. It is only the fourth to be credited to him alone but his work with Wham! and artists such as Queen, Aretha Franklin and Elton John. The Guinness rules for the table of most Number One hits state that only his solo credits count for the purposes of that table, hence this is his seventh chart-topper, putting him equal with Madonna and just behind Take That and the Rolling Stones on the all-time list. If the Wham! hits are taken into account only the Beatles, Elvis and Cliff have been at the top of the charts more.

It took real guts to release a salute to a one-night stand in this, the era of abstinence. But George Michael's quickie come-on scores on every level. From its devilishly seductive bass to its sleekly probing horns, this easily ranks as the best slow-groove dance record since Lisa Stansfield's "All Around The World." Add Michael's insinuating vocal, and you have a record sure to woo you. "A" - Entertainment Weekly Review

I think that this is a classic example of George Michael's talent. He has been really subtle in sampling the seventies hit "Forget me Not" with a great, catchy, funky melody over the top. When I heard this song I fell in love straight away, it has been so seriously overplayed in my house,but I have never ever got sick of it. Okay, so the lyrics aren't a work of art, but that isn't what a good song is all about. The lyrics really reminded me of early WHAM! actually, they bring a smile tommy face anyway.
The video is one of the coolest, sexiest, most tasteful music videos I have ever seen! I guess you can tell that I LOVE it!
I rate this song TEN out of TEN!
100256.2723 - 30/8/96

Very commercial song but i still love listening to it,i think some of the lines in this song are really well writen and the music is brillant to dance to,bit commercial for me thou.Rating 8.5
Faith - 24/8/96

This song is FANTASTIC. The first time I heard it I just knew it was George Michael, no-one else could produce anything like this. Musically, it's got everything, great lyrics, great music, and a great video. I rate this as one of the best songs on the album, along with Jesus To A Child and Older. Although it's not in the same league as the beautiful and depressing J.T.A.C. (The only words I can think of to describe it) in it's own right it is brilliant, and beats all other dance records hands down.
Rating: 10
Aidan - 20/8/96

When the song first came out I thought that "Fast Love" sounded weird. But after a while I understood what made my sister so entusiastic about it. Funky music combined with G.M.'s soft voice works magic! I would rate this song 10/10! Vicky - 18/8/96

All of the GEORGE MICHAEL's songs are great, but FASTLOVE is the best and no one expect less from him! Rating:10.0! GO GEORGE!!!
Ashley - 13/8/96

This is a great dance song. I can listen to it over & over. - Rating : 10
Debbie - 27/7/96

I think this is one of the best songs he has put together in some time..George has been one of my favs for 12 years and when it comes to Funk...Romance...He is the number one songwriter and performer!!
Fastlove just proved Our Georgeousness is still number 1!;->
Rating:11!!! Sorry cant help myself!!
Katie(Kat) - 12/6/96

Can you tell me the name and location of the production company who produced George Michael's FastLove music video?
I'm a freelance model, and I'm very interested in sending some print & video demo for possible opportunity(ies) to be a part of his music videos.
Grace - 4/6/96

I didn't expect anything less. When it comes to funk and warm, sexual music and lyrics, we all know George is the BEST!! - Rating:9.5
Greg - 9/6/96

A very funky dance track! I like this song as much as Too Funky and I Want Your Sex. The best song on the new album. - Rating: 9.9
Cozemodo - 17/5/96

George at his best! Absolutely equals his best dance songs- I Want Your Sex, Everything She Wants, Monkey and Too Funky. Of course, its arguable that the lyrics are crappy, but yet the image that he creates is very powerful. What I mean is that there is perfect unity between lyrics and music. The song leaves you with the impression that if anyone was ever going to write a song about a one-night stand, no other music would fit. And, once you hear it, its impossible to imagine this music with any other lyrics (much like I Want Your Sex). Perfect! The epitomy of what pop should be! - Rating: 10
Sonia - 17/5/96

The first time I heard the song I was really not impressed. But the second time I heard it - some "soundbyte" stuck in my head, and I found myself singing it!
So George Michael somehow achieved some sort of subliminal technique to make his music so infectious, you almost get addicted to it - it is a great song. The video is great - the Van Dijk beard looks weird but cool. The "Fony" inscription on the earphones is very clever. He simply had to get that in, eh? Nice to know 'ol George is not the vengeful type! ;-)
And I noticed the man is developing these fine laugh-lines around the eyes. And then he asks us "Don't you think I'm getting older?" He, he!
Great work, George Michael. Two questions though - when will he be touring South Africa; and when's the next album due? ;-) I hope he is not going to call it "Much older" - Rating: 10/10
Etiinne - 17/5/96

A 10. for the great lyrics, the absolutely swingin' melody. fab video (all those men...) and that little spoof ("fony" headphones). a long overdue example of classic GM brilliance.
thtang - 13/5/96

I can dance again, I can see my dreams, I can see my love (maybe),thanks again, George. From 18 to the end. Rating: 9
Federico - 11/5/96

Originally liked the song fastlove, but upon continued listening ...I love it! Their are certain key points in the song that just grab you, And as far as Im your man is concernced ( a song which I always considered one of the best) it shows GM's growth as far as producing is concernced. Loved it too. Eagerly awaiting the new album. 4 days left!!!
Bruce - 11/5/96

Great song but still not as great as Jesus To A Child. So I hope the 3rd single won't be in the same trend as to be not as great as Jesus To A Child. And I think the extended mix version sounds better than the original. He should've made the remix a single. The delay of the vocals at the start is great isn't it???? I'd give this --8.5
Ackoh - 10/5/96

When I first heard fastlove, I thought "what a funky song; it reminds me of WHAM! ". Then I got the lyrics off the thought changed to "what crappy lyrics (especially that 'get into my BMW baby' bit)".
But after I listened to it a few times, I caught myself singing and dancing around in my room. So to sum it up: it's a fun song with bad lyrics and a vocalist with a gorgeous voice. Rating: 7.5
Engy - 8/5/96

FastLove has got to be one of GM's best singles. After returning to the limelight with the low-key, melancholic "Jesus to a Child", George is back at his funky best. I just can't wait to get the album. How is the single doing in Singapore? It entered the Top 20 chart at 17. It jumped to 10 and now it is in the No. 4 slot! Either next week or the week after, it's going to go all the >way. You can count on that. Rating: 9.5
Mike - 5/5/96

This song is soooo good! I'll play it over & over again for an hour & annoy the hell out of my neighbours! It does recall the best Wham!/GM dance tunes, like "Edge of Heaven" and "Too Funky." I'm so annoyed that it's not getting adequate airplay here in America! Saw the video for the first time yesterday & it is fantastic too, though it looks really European. That's a compliment, but European looking videos don't fare too well here, don't ask me why. This is a great song, & if it doesn't do well here, i swear i'm expatriating! - Rating : 9
Kimberleigh - 4/5/96

First,I would like to say that George is the most talented songwriter in the industry today and that it was a long time coming (this album).

Fast Love : A very funky hip hop White soul boy type song that's typically George.Jesus to a child is a fantastic song but he should have used Fast Love as a comeback single instead.I'm definitely looking forward to the Album Older If the 2 songs are any indication of what's to come!
A Perfect 10 for Fast Love and a 9.5 for Jesus to a child.
Don - 2/5/96

I must admit it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but leave it to George to surprise you. I am very glad that he did. This song definately shows his musical genius. I especially appreciate the fact that you can listen to this song and hear something new every time - Rating: 10
Jennifer - 27/4/96

Well, I didn't care for the song at first, but now it's growing on me. This is a true display of George's many talents and shows how he can manipulate soul and pop in the same song. Although I may not care for this hip hop beat, you can't deny those awsome lyrics! - Rating: 8
Bill - 26/4/96

The new GM song is unbelievable. After the second time I listened to it, I said to my friend "This song is groovy with a tint of the Wham! Fantastic album" He said that he was thinking the same exact thing. I give this song a 9 3/4
Can't wait for the new album
Mike - 26/4/96

I loved this song from the first time I heard it. It combines a great dance beat and catchy backing vocals with sincere and meaningful lyrics, illustrating the sheer genius of George Michael. Again, George has shown us that he can turn his hand to anything - a soulful ballad in "Jesus to a child" and a fast, up-tempo track in "Fastlove". It is sure to be a huge success in the clubs and in the charts. I await the release of "Older" in anticipation - if this is a taste of what to expect on the album then we have to count ourselves as incredibly lucky!!! Well done George!!! - Rating 10
Vicky - 26/4/96

I totally and utterly agree with Francoise's comments. In fact, George has definitely evolved and grown musically and creatively. Fastlove is powerful evidence of this. I think it's as good as any other dance tune he's released in the past. Hence, it is a masterpiece. His voice and the nuances in it against the backdrop of the catchy and cool melody and rhythm of Fastlove is very captivating and something every George Michael fan and any music fan in general actually should just lose themselves in. Fastlove most definitely gets a 10/10 from me. I think that these two singles that have so far been released are momentous tasters of how good his new album is going to be. I think it's going to be his best work to date. Rejoice George Michael fans. Rating 10
John-Paul - 26/4/96

I have only heard this song a few times... At first, it was not at all what I was expecting so I was hardly impressed. But after listening to it a few times, it began to grow on me. I like the funky rhythm and hint of jazz. I wish GM would sing a little more forcefully though like he does on his first two albums. - Rating 8.5
Hahn - 26/4/96

Great song! Though I think he's written far better dance tunes in his career, this one is still very good. The Summer mix...track 3 on the US quite a bit better than the extended version, which seems to just have too much happening at once...don't get me wrong, I love the song.- Rating 7 (I tend to like his ballads better anyway)

Many people told me that fastlove was crap, that george had lost his inspiration and talent. Well, those people know who they are. Me, I heard the record and from first listening I knew that george was back. At his outstanding best!
A typical george michael record, a brilliant video to match it.Abrilliant come back after the already amazing jesus to a child...
Many things can be forgiven therefore with such a talent - NR

Excellent. Very throw away for George. Lyrics are very light but very clever but then he's always been a lyrical genius. Check out the video its awesome !!!! Love the funky dancing beneath the shower. - Rating: 10

Finally! A great dance song from george! I love the way he mixes 90's hip-hop with 70's disco. Definitely a hit! - Rating 9

HI TO ALL GM FANS!!! - Rating 8

I heard this song for the first time last night. It's cool that it's not another ballad. But I knew it would be up-tempo, so I would have liked a song more like "The Edge of Heaven".
Nevertheless, the song is very good. But once again far from spectacular. - Rating: 7.5

Although I have heard Fastlove only twice! I am waiting impatiently for the release of his album 'Older'!! - Rating 8

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Song : Older
Overall Rating: 9.25 (4 Votes)


This song is one of the best of George Michael, in this song, Im very identified with it. this song is very deep and exciting. I would like to see one video about it. - Rating : 9
Victor - 8/10/96

The more I listen to this song the more I like it. Excellent !!!. Love that jazzy feeling and that great voice (By far the best voice there is). Great lyrics too! - Rating: 10 Greg - 9/6/96

OOOOOO...I love it...I cannot wait to hear the words to it. I think that it is brilliant. The jazzy feel of it reminds me of "Kissing a Fool". I would give it a 9 for sure! Just a very good song.
Kinga - 28/4/96

I can't wait to hear the version with words. There is something about this up coming album. The most impressive glimpse I have gotten is through the instrumental of "Older" on the "Jesus to a Child" CD single. This isn't just pop music. It seems to go further than that. It is as if the bits of realses of real depth we habeen treated to in the past are going to come out in full on this piece.
Think back to "Father Figure" and "Cowboys and Angels..." there was something mysterious about those songs. They were on their albums, but out of place. I bet "Older" will surprise many. I'm excited.
Rating....I'd have to made Bob Dylan sound boring for a few minutes, and that, my friend, is a big deal.:)
Shelly A.

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Song : I'm Your Man 96
Overall Rating: 6.83 (6 Votes)


I'll be perfectly honest with you. I was a bit unsure at first whether this version is better or up to par with the original, but I've grown to love it! This '90s version is very hip and "now" you could say, and can compete with the dance tunes that have been released in the last 2 or 3 years. The original could not have done this (although it still remains one of the greatest hits of the '80s! George's voice, together with the slower, funkier rhythm - and the fact that someone else had a say in the producing - manages to improve on the original... I wonder how he would make Ray of Sunshine sound today?? Rating - 8.5 zts01 -1/5/96

I actually find this version excellent! I am surprised that more people don't feel this way...I love the R&B feel of it and just the way his voice sounds is INCREDIBLE!! I think that he sings very strong on it and that it sounds great! I would give it an 8.5. I just love the sound of his voice on this version of "I'm Your Man". :) - Rating 8.5
Kinga - 28/4/96

With respect, I fervantly disagree with the other two people who have commented on this track so far.
It is so different from the original that I don't think that they should be compared, but rather that it should be looked at in it's own right. If anything, to me at least, it pays a 1990's style homage to the original. I think it's VERY rhythmic and infectious, and George's vocals are outrageously and excellently cool and funky. It's a very restrained piece of work that can't help but explode frequently into the most pleasing funkiness. Complete credit to George.
He is a person who knows what he's doing. I don't know if many of you fans are aware, but the Track 2 extended version of the UK released Lisa Moorish cover of the song contains quite a few extra vocals from the main man which is definitely worth obtaining. There is also a part towards the end of the track where George is speaking in a flippant, argumentative manner with a backing singer. I found this very amusing as he sings with an american accent, but you hear him shout out to the beforementioned backing singer, "I'm the man!" in a very London accent. Anyhow, I'm Your Man '96 gets a 9/10 from me.
John-Paul - 27/4/96

What in the world was this, if I was 16 again and listened to today's music I would find this song OK., but being older this does the original version no justice. It's like making a sequal to a movie...Thank god it's only a b-side. I've tried to listen to it and be open minded, but no way..I hope this is the last remake of a WHAM song. - Rating: 2

As for the version of "I'm Your Man"...I was surprised and disappointed. That was always one of my favorite WHAM! songs, and the rap and techno voices mingled in this great tune just...for lack of a better term...turned me off. I think the idea of giving it a more R&B flavour was fine...I just don't think it was executed very well.- Rating: 3

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Song : Spinning The Wheel
Overall Rating: 9.56 (4 Votes)


Spinning the Wheel has made its debut at Number 2 on the UK charts, here is the comments from the UK Music Week site on the Spinning the Wheel debut :

Twice now George Michael has been in a position to notch up a hattrick of solo Number Ones and twice now he has failed by a whisker. At the start of his solo career he had hit the top with 'Careless Whisper' and 'A Different Corner' and was poised for a third when in May 1987 the airplay ban on 'I Want Your Sex' caused it to be peak at Number 3. Nine years down the line the run started by 'Jesus To A Child' and 'Fastlove' is broken by the continuing dominance of the Spice Girls. At least for now. 'Spinning The Wheel' owes its chart position by and large to a clever piece of marketing. The album track appears as one of several tracks on an extended play single, all of which can claim airplay and help the exposure of the single. The album version of the track leads the single but it is the presence of a dance remix of the song which has helped it tremendously, putting George's trance-like vocal into a trip-hop context to create what is possibly one of the most sensual dance tracks of the year.

Okay, so I buy "Older" and rush home to listen to it. I play while I am in the bath, I loved it, so mellow, so rich, with something every one can relate to. The one song that sticks in my head straight away is "Spinning the Wheel". It has got everything, it is a song so bitter sweet in its lyrics, yet it is really jazzy and funky. The best bit though is George Michael's tortured tones! What a guy!
Have to say though, not too sure about the dance remix. I have been clubbing for years, and I have been a George Michael fan for years. When I go to eighties clubs I expect to dance to WHAM!. But the other night, after having returned from a months holiday, I go to my favourite house/garage club, and there it is! I am boogying away to George Michael, and it's my favorite song on the album! It was weird, I don't know if anyone can relate to that? I think it sounds odd, but after such a long silence from George, it was so strange to be out raving and dance to him again. I think it is a good thing though, I hope we get more of the same.
Ten out of ten for the original, eight out of ten for the remix.
100256.2723 - 30/8/96

This is my favorite track from Older. I think it shows George at his best- meaninigful lyrics with a trip-hop sound to back up his great voice. And I love when he sings falsetto!. Rating: 9.75
Alan - 27/8/96 Alan

I love this song,the lyric's are something i can really identify with,how can anyone risk someones health or life and still say they love them. I would also rather be alone that have someone spinning thay wheel for me and the babylove's are so catchy,this is my favorite. Rating 9.5 nobody perfect.
Faith - 24/8/96

ey i just got the ep..
it sounds so coool!!
u know what i want is just soo's got a real fat groove..!!
sure belongs on the older album..
but the remix of spinning the wheel is wicked..
a house remix ...could have had more of a mix but..anyway it's just good to see so much variety in the music!..great!
he just keeps on surprising me!..
Rating - 9 out of 10
Nayyar - 21/8/96

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Song : Move On
Overall Rating: 6.25 (2 Votes)


Contrary to your reader's rating of this song (a "3"??!!), I personally feel that this is one of the best tracks in the album. A classy track from a classy album .... Rating : 9.5 - 20/9/96

Out of all the songs on the Older album, "It doesn't really matter" and "Move on" are the only songs that I do not really like. Both are rather boring. "Move on" is by far the most boring song. I count that song among the *very* few George Michael/Wham! songs that I just do not like - Rating: 3
Gijs - 15/8/96

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Song : You Have Been Loved
Overall Rating: 10 (1 Vote)


What lyrics, what a voice, what a song. This is one of the most gorgeous songs I have ever heard. I've had it on repeat for the past few days and I still haven't tired of it. This song, in fact the whole album, is an example of what great music Britain can produce, and George's lyrics are unbelievable: "You brushed my eyes with angels wings, full of love, the kind that makes devils cry". WOW.- Rating: 11
Jo - 27/10/96

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